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Vietnam War Casualties by State

Vietnam War Casualties by State
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The Human Toll of Vietnam War

The Vietnam War marked an era of deep divisiveness and upheaval in the United States. Its legacy is imprinted on the hearts and minds of those who fought and their loved ones who waited earnestly at home. 

The metrics provided in the data help us comprehend the sheer magnitude of American involvement in the Vietnam War. By investigating the casualty numbers, we unveil the harrowing impact of the War on various states, underscoring the widespread toll it took on American communities all over the country.

Key findings from the data include:

  • California, known to harbor the highest veteran count in the United States, tops the list with 3,597 casualties, registering the heaviest impact of the Vietnam War among the states. The Oakland Army base in California marked the largest Vietnam War military port in the world.
  • New York ranks second with 2,646 casualties, while also experiencing some of the largest war protests in the nation.
  • Texas, with 2,172 casualties, is counted as the third-most affected state during the War. It holds the third-highest veteran count across the country.
  • Midwestern states, Ohio and Illinois also witnessed a substantial number of casualties, 1,919 and 1,854 respectively, making them 4th and 6th in terms of casualty figures.
  • Surprisingly, Florida, despite having the second-highest number of Vietnam War veterans, had comparatively fewer casualties, ranking it 8th with 1,280 casualties.

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