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D-Day Casualties By Country

D-Day Casualties By Country
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D-Day Casualties By Country

D-Day, a day of intense warfare between the Allied forces and Nazi Germany, marked a crucial turning point during World War II. This historical event, carrying the weight of countless casualties, played an instrumental role in the liberation of Western Europe from the menace of Nazi control. The combined forces of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada embarked on this fateful mission, knowing the risks and the heavy cost it could entail.

  • Germany bore the brunt of D-Day casualties with a staggering 6,000 soldiers dead. This largest number mirrors the fierce resistance offered at the invasion frontlines.
  • The United States, one of the leading forces in the Allied camp during D-Day, suffered the second-highest number of casualties, losing approximately 2,501 troops.
  • The United Kingdom, another formidable Allied force, reported 1,449 dead.
  • Among the Allied nations, Canada registered the smallest number with 391 casualties.

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