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Native Amercian Population By State

Native Amercian Population By State

Native American Populations Across the U.S States

The history and heritage of Native Americans is as intricately woven into the United States' landscape as the rivers that carve through this vast land. Population data paints a poignant picture of the contemporary status of the nation's first inhabitants, widely dispersed across the states and, sadly, continuing to face myriad challenges.

From the sunlit coasts of California to the verdant hills of North Carolina, Native Americans form a significant part of the fabric that threads our society together.

  • With a population of 806,874, California stands as the state with the largest Native American population. This is followed by Oklahoma with 535,675 indigenous inhabitants, a state known for its historical significance to many Native American tribes during the forced relocation known as the Trail of Tears.
  • Despite Alaska's ranking as 11th overall in terms of Native American population, it's noteworthy that Native Americans constitute more than 15% of Alaska's total population, making it the state with the highest relative population of Native Americans.
  • Notably, several states with significant historical connections to Native American tribes, such as South Dakota and North Dakota, rank relatively low in absolute population (20th and 35th respectively). This discrepancy demonstrates the long-standing effects of displacement and events like the Trail of Tears.

States with the Largest Native American Population

Although Native Americans only make up 2.09% of the total United States population, a concentration of the population can be found in several specific states. 

Topping the list is the state of California, where the Native American population is estimated to be around 806,874. Next comes Oklahoma with 535,675 Native Americans. Oklahoma's historic significance in Native American history, primarily due to the forced relocation of many tribes via the tragic Trail of Tears in the 19th century, is reflected in this considerable population.

Arizona ranks third with a Native American population of 405,281. Then comes Texas, which hosts a population of 370,697. Following Texas, we have New Mexico and Washington with Native American populations of 229,071 and 223,318 respectively, showing a significant concentration in the western states.

States on the eastern side of the United States such as North Carolina and New York maintain substantial Native American populations too. North Carolina has a Native American population of 208,642, and New York has a slightly lower population of 207,027.

Rounding out the top ten, we have Florida with 178,120 Native Americans and Michigan with 148,080 Native Americans.

States with the largest Native American populations:

  1. California - 806,874
  2. Oklahoma - 535,675
  3. Arizona - 405,281
  4. Texas - 370,697
  5. New Mexico - 229,071
  6. Washington - 223,318
  7. North Carolina - 208,642
  8. New York - 207,027
  9. Florida - 178,120
  10. Michigan - 148,080

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