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Divorce Rate By State

Divorce Rate By State
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As much as marriage is considered an emblem of togetherness and love, the reality is that it often culminates in splitting paths. The United States, known for its diversity and dynamism, presents an intriguing patchwork in terms of divorce rates, which are shaped by a myriad of variables, from local culture and economic standing to socio-political factors.

  • The states with the highest divorce rates are predominantly located in the South and West. Nevada tops the list with a 4.2% divorce rate, followed by Oklahoma (3.8%), Wyoming (3.7%), and Arkansas (3.6%). Alabama completes the top five with a divorce rate equal to Arkansas's. 
  • States with the lowest divorce rates can be broadly found in the Northeast and Midwest, with Massachusetts at the bottom, sporting a mere 1.0% divorce rate. Following Massachusetts are Illinois (1.3%), Texas (1.4%), Maryland (1.6%), and Kansas (1.9%).
  • A unique exception is noted in the case of the District of Columbia, which despite being located in the Southern region has a relatively low divorce rate of 2.6%.
  • The divorce rate in the state with the highest rate (Nevada at 4.2%) is over four times that of the state with the lowest rate (Massachusetts at 1.0%), showcasing their reputation as the "Divorce State". 

States with the Highest Divorce Rate

Nevada. Known for its famed city of Las Vegas, the "Marriage Capital of the World," it is, perhaps, less surprising Nevada also wears the unenviable title of "The Divorce Capital of America." The state grapples with a staggering divorce rate of 4.2%, the highest across all states in the country. 

Oklahoma takes second place with a divorce rate of 3.8%. Further north, the state of Wyoming presents a considerably high rate as well, with 3.7% of its married population experiencing a marital dissolution.

Running in close competition with Wyoming, states such as Arkansas and Alabama have marked divorce rates of 3.6%. Rounding out the top 10 includes Idaho, Florida, Utah, Tennessee, and Mississippi, all with rates ranging from 3.3% to 3.4%.

Top 10 States with the Highest Divorce Rate:

  1. Nevada - 4.2%
  2. Oklahoma - 3.8%
  3. Wyoming - 3.7%
  4. Arkansas - 3.6%
  5. Alabama - 3.6%
  6. Idaho - 3.4%
  7. Florida - 3.4%
  8. Utah - 3.3%
  9. Tennessee - 3.3%
  10. Mississippi - 3.3%

States with the Lowest Divorce Rate

At the bottom of the list, we find Massachusetts boasting the lowest divorce rate in the nation at a meager 1.0%. Next in line is Illinois, with only a 1.3% divorce rate. The Lone Star State, Texas, holds firm at 3rd lowest with a divorce rate of 1.4%, while Maryland follows with a divorce rate of 1.6%. Kansas, another Midwest gem, keeps its divorce rate under the 2% threshold, at 1.9%.

Divorce rates remain relatively low in Wisconsin, New York, Georgia, Louisiana, and New Jersey, all coming in under 2.3%. 

States with the Lowest Divorce Rate:

  1. Massachusetts - 1.0%
  2. Illinois - 1.3%
  3. Texas - 1.4%
  4. Maryland - 1.6%
  5. Kansas - 1.9%
  6. Wisconsin - 2.1%
  7. New York- 2.2%
  8. Georgia - 2.2%
  9. Louisiana - 2.2%
  10. New Jersey - 2.2%

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