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Korea Veterans By State

Korea Veterans By State
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As the world navigated the tense geopolitics of the mid-20th century, a crucial event etched deep scars into the history books: The Korean War. This conflict, waged from 1950 to 1953, has significantly shaped global dynamics and the lives of millions of veterans who served in varied capacities. Despite being dubbed "The Forgotten War," its impact undeniably resonates in homes across America, with an estimated 5.7 million veterans having served in the war.

  • Coastal States Domination: The most populous coastal states, California and Florida, were home to the most Korean War Veterans, with 132.5K and 127.6K respectively. 
  • Southern States Lag Behind: Some southern states like Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, despite having significant military bases or traditions, show relatively lower numbers of Korean War veterans.
  • Midwestern Presence: The Midwestern region, represented by states like Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan, also house a significant number of Korean War veterans, reflecting upon the region's long-standing participation and contribution to the U.S military.

States with the Most Korean War Veterans

California leads the list. Boasting the highest number of Korean War veterans, the state revels in a figure of 132.5K, significantly higher than its national counterparts. This is likely influenced by factors including its substantial military presence coupled with a preference for post-service migration due to the warm climate and robust veterans support networks.

Known for its sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife, Florida follows closely behind. Housing a considerable number of Korean War veterans at 127.6K, Florida’s desirable warm climate makes it a popular retirement destination, thereby elevating the state's veteran population.

Texas, with its rich military tradition, is home to 83.7K Korean War veterans. The Empire State, New York, marks the fourth rank in this list, hosting 69.2K Korean War veterans. Its thriving economy and allure of its bustling cities likely draw veterans seeking to re-settle after military service. Pennsylvania hosts 68.1K Korean War veterans, potentially reflecting its legacy of military service and commitment to providing substantial veteran support.

States with the Most Korean War Veterans:

  1. California - 132.5K
  2. Florida - 127.6K
  3. Texas - 83.7K 
  4. New York - 69.2K
  5. Pennsylvania - 68.1K
  6. Ohio - 51.2K
  7. Illinois - 46.4K
  8. Michigan - 43.8K
  9. North Carolina - 41.3K
  10. Arizona - 39.3K

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