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Job Growth By State

Job Growth By State


Job growth is an essential credential to evaluate the economic health of any nation. This is particularly true of the United States, where the employment landscape resonates with the diverse economic activities ubiquitous in this vast land. The number of new payroll jobs created monthly in the United States is meticulously tracked by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and serves as an economic weathervane hinting at the direction of economic winds — stimulation or stagnation.

  • Job growth rate varies significantly from state to state, with Nevada leading with the highest growth rate of 3.4%, followed closely by Texas with a rate of 3.2%.
  • Not all states shared equally in the job market recovery. Rhode Island experienced a job growth decline of -0.7%, hinting at ongoing economic challenges in the region.
  • The data reveals a geographical trend wherein the states with the highest job growth rates, such as Nevada, Texas, and Florida, are located in the South and West, whereas states with slower growth, such as Maine, Vermont, and Montana, are located in the North and East.

States with the Largest Growth in Jobs

Nevada leads the pack, with a job growth figure of 3.4%.

Texas trails closely behind, boasting a job growth rate of 3.2%. Part of this success can be attributed to the state's robust healthcare and technology sectors, which have shown resilience amidst the pandemic and continue to fuel the state's economy.

Idaho and South Dakota both display promising growth, with Idaho reaching a job growth rate of 3.0% and South Dakota not far behind with 2.7%. 

Wyoming ties with South Dakota, also reflecting a job growth rate of 2.7%. Meanwhile, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania all showcase growth rates of 2.5%, signifying a healthy recovery and expansion in their respective job markets.

States with Largest Year on Year Job Growth:

  1. Nevada - 3.4%
  2. Texas - 3.2%
  3. Idaho - 3.0%
  4. South Dakota - 2.7%
  5. Wyoming - 2.7%
  6. Delaware - 2.5%
  7. Florida - 2.5%
  8. Kentucky - 2.5%
  9. Massachusetts - 2.5%
  10. Pennsylvania - 2.5%

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