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Countries That Start with N

Countries That Start with N
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A Look at Countries Beginning with N

Exploring the world alphabetically can be a fascinating endeavor, offering a different approach to understanding global diversity. Today, we're taking an alphabetic journey across the globe, focusing on countries starting with the letter 'N'. These nations, stretching across different continents, possess unique attributes that set them apart and together constitute a varied sample of the world's nations. 

  • Across continents: The 'N' countries span multiple continents, reflecting a global presence. Africa is represented by Namibia, Niger and Nigeria; Asia by Nepal, North Korea, and Northern Mariana Islands; Europe by North Macedonia, Netherlands, and Norway; North America by Nicaragua; Oceania by Nauru, Niue, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Spectrum of Sizes: The countries on this list range dramatically in size and population. On one end, we have Nauru, an island country in Micronesia that is one of the smallest states in the world. On the other end, Nigeria, in West Africa, is the seventh most populous country in the world.
  • Economic Variation: Significant economic discrepancies exist among the 'N' countries. For example, the Netherlands and Norway have some of the world's highest GDPs per capita, while countries like Niger and North Korea are classified as low-income countries according to the World Bank.

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