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Cancer Rates By State

Cancer Rates By State
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Cancer Rates Across the U.S.

Cancer continues to profoundly impact the health landscape of the United States, claiming the second place as a cause of death nationally, superseded only by heart disease. With a deeply distressing statistic of one in every four deaths in the U.S. resulting from cancer, understanding regional disparities and prevalence rates becomes a critical element in combating this deadly disease. Given its predominantly lifestyle-oriented risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity, cancer rates paint a diverse picture across various states.

Based on the latest data, variation is seen in state-level cancer rates, with Hawaii recording the lowest incidence at 5.35%, while Maine shows the highest at 6.54%.

Notable findings from the data reveal:

  • Predominantly coastal states such as Hawaii (5.35%), California (5.83%), and New Jersey (5.86%) recorded relatively low cancer rates. This trend potentially points towards healthier lifestyle choices or state-level public health interventions.
  • Several southern states, including Mississippi (6.03%), Georgia (6.07%), and Louisiana (6.12%), have moderate cancer rates.
  • Notably, states with the highest cancer rates fall in the northern region of the country, such as Maine (6.54%), Michigan (6.49%), and North Dakota (6.46%). This pattern prompts a deeper investigation into possible reasons such as environmental risk factors, tobacco use, and state-specific demographics, among other factors.

Highest Cancer Rates by State

Based on the available data, the states with the highest cancer rates are predominantly located in the northern part of the U.S., with the addition of Kentucky from the south showing a higher rate. Maine is leading the chart with the highest cancer rate of 6.54%.

The second highest cancer rate is seen in Kentucky with a rate of 6.5%. Although located in the south, Kentucky's rate is consistent with the high rates found in other northern states, indicating the possibility of lifestyle, economic or environmental risk factors contributing to the high rates.

In third place, Michigan shows a rate of 6.49%. North Dakota falls in fourth place with a cancer rate of 6.46%, followed closely by Rhode Island and New Hampshire, both having an identical rate of 6.45%. West Virginia and South Dakota also display high incidences of cancer, at 6.44% and 6.43% respectively.

Completing the top 10 list of states with highest cancer rates, Missouri and Montana both stand at a cancer rate of 6.42%.

States with highest cancer rates:

  1. Maine - 6.54%
  2. Kentucky - 6.5%
  3. Michigan - 6.49%
  4. North Dakota - 6.46%
  5. Rhode Island - 6.45%
  6. New Hampshire - 6.45%
  7. West Virginia - 6.44%
  8. South Dakota - 6.43%
  9. Missouri - 6.42%
  10. Montana - 6.42%

Lowest Cancer Rates by State

Hawaii presents the lowest cancer rate with 5.35%. This Pacific state occupies the 50th position in this ranking. Following closely is New Mexico with a low cancer rate of 5.54%.

Middle-ranking states like Texas, with a rate of 5.79%, California with a rate of 5.83%, and New Jersey at 5.86%. Their above-average performance could be attributed to investments in comprehensive healthcare programs, progressive public health policies, and strong education campaigns that promote healthier lifestyles and early detection practices.

Towards the end of the list, we see states like Arizona (5.94%), Mississippi (6.03%), Georgia (6.07%), and Louisiana (6.12%) hovering slightly above the average cancer rate in the United States. 

States with Lowest Cancer Rates:

  1. Hawaii - 5.35%
  2. New Mexico - 5.54%
  3. Texas - 5.79%
  4. California - 5.83%
  5. New Jersey - 5.86%
  6. Arizona - 5.94%
  7. Mississippi - 6.03%
  8. Georgia - 6.07%
  9. Nevada - 6.09%
  10. Louisiana - 6.12%

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