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Best Cities for Single Men

Best Cities for Single Men
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In the ever-evolving landscape of romantic endeavors, selecting a favorable city can significantly impact a single man's dating success. This modern reality, married with the rise of dating apps, presents an interesting question: which metropolitan areas in the United States provide the best odds for single men? 

  • The top five cities are all on the East Coast. This suggests that the East Coast may provide a more favorable social landscape for single men.
  • Southern Draw: Southern cities also rank highly on the list, with Nashville, TN taking the 6th spot and Fort Worth, TX coming in at the 8th spot. This suggests that southern hospitality and a rich social scene might be favorable factors for single men.
  • Although large metropolises like New York City and Washington, D.C. rank high, mid-size cities have also made the top 20 list, such as Omaha, NE and Louisville, KY.
  • The availability of single women is a significant factor across all the top cities in the ranking. Cities like Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA excelled in this field, which helped them climb to the top of the list.



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