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U.S. Oil Imports By Country

U.S. Oil Imports By Country

Understanding U.S. Oil Imports

Oil, as a crucial aspect of the global energy landscape, has for a long time, been a valuable commodity powering economies, industries, and households. For countries without substantial domestic production, or in cases where demand exceeds production, oil imports become critical. The United States, though a significant oil producer in its own right, still relies on imports to meet its substantial energy needs.

In analyzing public data regarding U.S. oil imports, we find a diverse group of countries contributing to America's oil supply. Key findings from the data include:

  • As of 2022, the U.S remains a net importer of crude oil, pulling from multiple countries across the globe.
  • The U.S. imports the largest volume of oil from Canada, with 1.6 million barrels arriving on American shores daily. This is not surprising, given Canada's geographic proximity and the extensiveness of oil reserves in the country.
  • Other significant contributors to U.S. oil imports include Mexico, delivering 259,500 barrels per day, and Russia, accounting for 245,200 barrels per day.
  • Despite the geopolitical turmoil, the U.S continues to import from the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia supplying 156,900 barrels each day.
  • Even nations with smaller economies, and arguably less discussed oil industries, such as Colombia, are a notable part of the U.S. oil import picture, providing 74,200 barrels per day.

Understanding the countries from which the U.S. imports oil provides insight into the interconnectedness of global energy economies. It also underscores the importance for the U.S. to maintain good relations with its oil suppliers, ensuring secure and stable access to this vital resource.

Countries that Supply Most of America's Oil

The United States draws oil from a diverse array of countries to meet its energy requirements. The ten countries that take the lead in exporting oil to the United States are Canada, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Ecuador, Iraq, Brazil, Netherlands, and Nigeria. 

Canada leads as the US's primary oil importer, contributing a substantial volume of 1.6 million barrels. Mexico, with a contribution of 259.5 thousand barrels, is second in line, followed closely by Russia, from which the US imports 245.2 thousand barrels of oil. Saudi Arabia, a long-standing oil partner of the US, exports 156.9 thousand barrels.

Colombia and Ecuador fall within the middle range of the spectrum with 74.2 thousand barrels and 61.3 thousand barrels respectively. Then come Iraq and Brazil, exporting 57.3 thousand barrels and 52.2 thousand barrels of oil to the US.

On the lower end of the scale but still significant are the Netherlands and Nigeria. The Netherlands supplies the US with 46.1 thousand barrels, while Nigeria maintains its contribution at 45.7 thousand barrels.

10 Countries Leading in US Oil Imports:

  1. Canada - 1.6M Barrels
  2. Mexico - 259.5K Barrels
  3. Russia - 245.2K Barrels
  4. Saudi Arabia - 156.9K Barrels
  5. Colombia - 74.2K Barrels
  6. Ecuador - 61.3K Barrels
  7. Iraq - 57.3K Barrels
  8. Brazil - 52.2K Barrels
  9. Netherlands - 46.1K Barrels
  10. Nigeria - 45.7K Barrels

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