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Speed Limits By State

Speed Limits By State

A State-by-State Look at Speed Limits

In the United States, a mosaic of varied landscapes and cityscapes, speed limits on our highways, freeways, and interstates play a pivotal role in maintaining traffic safety and efficiency. Speed limits, often determined by road type, traffic flow, and local regulations, are essential components of state traffic laws aimed at reducing accidents and promoting disciplined driving.

Key findings from the data include:

  • When it comes to maximum legal speed limits, three states stand out from the crowd with a limit of 80 mph: Montana, Nevada, and South Dakota. These states, with their long stretches of rural highways and lesser density of population, permit higher speed limits.
  • The second most common maximum speed limit across states is 70 mph, covering a wide range of geographically diverse states, from California on the west coast to Florida in the southeast and Washington in the northwest.
  • Data indicates that northeastern states like New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey along with a few others limit their maximum speeds to a conservative 65 mph. This limit could be a reflection of these states' dense population and heavy traffic situation.
  • Texas, despite its roads that could theoretically accommodate a high speed limit like Montana or Nevada, limits speeds to 75 mph, potentially to maintain highway safety in areas with high traffic volume and variability in driving conditions.
  • Ranked last on the list, Hawaii sets its maximum speed limit at 60 mph. Uniquely situated and made up primarily of islands, Hawaii's lower speed limit may be attributed to its unique geographical conditions and road structure.

States with the Highest Speed Limits

The highest speed limit, observed in Montana, Nevada, and South Dakota, is 80 mph. These states, characterized by expansive rural highways and a low population density, allow for this elevated speed threshold. 

Following closely are states with speed limits set at 75 mph. Spanning from the rocky coasts of Maine to the vast plains of Nebraska, the desert expanses of New Mexico, and the stark landscapes of North Dakota, this speed limit marks a crucial middle ground in national speed regulations. The southern states of Arkansas and Oklahoma, along with the wild frontier of Wyoming, also fall under this speed category.

10 States with the Highest Speed Limits:

  1. Montana - 80 mph
  2. Nevada - 80 mph
  3. South Dakota - 80 mph
  4. Maine - 75 mph
  5. Nebraska - 75 mph
  6. New Mexico - 75 mph
  7. North Dakota - 75 mph
  8. Arkansas - 75 mph
  9. Oklahoma - 75 mph
  10. Wyoming - 75 mph

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