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Most Patriotic States

Most Patriotic States
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Patriotism – a sense of pride, loyalty, and respect towards one's nation – serves as a binding force in society. How patriotic an individual is usually relates to their sense of security, level of wealth, agreement with prevailing public sentiment, and satisfaction with government performance. However, levels of patriotism can differ dramatically from state to state, reflecting the diverse historical, cultural, political, and socioeconomic characteristics across each region.

Using a range of metrics collected over the recent years, we present a ranked list of the 'Most Patriotic States' in the U.S. The ranking is based on diverse criteria ranging from military enlistees and veterans to volunteer rates and civic engagement.

  • Alaska tops the chart as the most patriotic state with a score of 65.57, followed closely by Montana and Virginia. These states have larger military and veteran populations, along with robust civic engagement, contributing to their high patriotism scores.
  • The states with the lowest levels of patriotism, according to the data, are Arkansas, New York, and Rhode Island. Factors contributing to these lower rankings may include lower military involvement, lower socioeconomic status, or a more cosmopolitan breakdown of citizenry.
  • The data reveals an interesting regional trend, with states in the Northwest region of the U.S. notably ranking higher than many in the South and Northeast regions. This could be influenced by the presence of significant military bases, cultural factors, or regional history.
  • Certain states, including North Dakota and Oregon, defy typical regional patterns by showing high levels of patriotism despite differing widely in terms of political climate, economy, and culture.
  • Interestingly, Maryland, a state with significant urban areas, ranks highly at number six, showing that densely populated metropolitan regions can also harbor strong patriotic sentiments.

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