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In N Out By State
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In-N-Out is far more than merely a fast food chain for many devotees; it's synonymous with fresh, high-quality ingredients, unchanged beloved menu, and consistently warm customer service. Founded in California in 1948, this West Coast icon's roots are firmly planted in its birthplace, with the headquarters remaining in Irvine, California. 

Although the chain has a considerable sway over the collective Californian heart, it has also made its way to other states, bringing the total to around 387 locations across the United States. However, the distribution of In-N-Out locations is not uniform across the U.S., remaining largely a phenomenon of the Western states.

  • California, as the brand's birthplace, leads the pack with a significant margin, boasting 270 In-N-Out locations. This figure represents nearly 70% of all In-N-Out restaurants nationwide.
  • Texas, although being second on the list, houses significantly fewer In-N-Out establishments than California, with a total of 41 locations,
  • Arizona, the third on the list, is closely shadowing Texas with 34 branches.
  • A clear trend emerges when recognized the further eastward you travel, the fewer In-N-Out locations you'll find. This supports the chain's strong West Coast concentration, with states like Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Oregon hosting 22, 12, 8, and 4 locations respectively.
  • While rumors swirl regarding potential expansion to Idaho, at present, In-N-Out's reach extends to seven states only.

States with the Most In N Outs

Without any surprise, the Golden State of California reigns supreme when it comes to the number of In-N-Out locations with a substantial count of 270, which is more than two-thirds of all In-N-Out branches in the country. Born in this state in 1948, this widely cherished fast-food chain has grown from its single Baldwin Park, California location to a strong presence across the state, clearly establishing California as the heartland of In-N-Out. 

A somewhat distant second on the list is Texas which boasts 41 locations. Although outnumbered by the number of branches in California, Texas's Amor for In-N-Out is evident in the fact that it is the only state outside the west that hosts the burger chain. 

Coming in a close third is Arizona with a total of 34 In-N-Out outlets. Known for its desert climate and picturesque landscapes, Arizona provides a warm welcome to both the residents and visitors with a taste of the West Coast favorite. 

Following Arizona are Nevada and Utah respectively, hosting 22 and 12 locations. These states maintain the vibrant vibe of the West and tantalize the taste buds of their residents with the much-loved Double-Double. 

Next in line is colorful Colorado where the Rockies enjoy the presence of 8 In-N-Out spots. Last, is Oregon, home to 4 In-N-Out locations. 

States with the Most In N Outs:

  1. California - 270
  2. Texas - 41
  3. Arizona - 34
  4. Nevada - 22
  5. Utah - 12
  6. Colorado - 8
  7. Oregon - 4

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