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Most Liberal Cities

Most Liberal Cities
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Unpacking Liberalism in the US Cities

Liberalism, characterized by a focus on individual freedom, social justice, and equality, plays a pivotal role in shaping the political landscape in many US cities. Many of these cities consider liberal principles in their legislative, fiscal, and cultural practices. Our analysis leverages Tausanovitch and Warshaw's "Representation in Municipal Government" data to delve into the country's most liberal cities, exploring their statuses, regional differences, and any apparent patterns.

  • The West Coast stands out as a hub of liberal-leaning cities, with four out of the top five, and including the notably liberal San Francisco and Oakland, both in California, and Seattle in Washington state.
  • Cities in typically conservative states, such as Texas and Louisiana, are also featured in the top 20, with Austin and New Orleans ranking at 14th and 17th positions, reinforcing Tausanovitch and Warshaw's findings that urban areas tend to be more liberal, irrespective of their state's overall political leanings.
  • The list includes cities from all geographic regions of the United States, from Boston in the East to San Francisco in the West, Minneapolis in the North, and New Orleans in the South, demonstrating the prevalence of these liberal leaning cities across the nation.



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