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Cheapest Land By State

Cheapest Land By State
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Cost of Land in the U.S.

Whether it's to build a dream home, start a new business, create a farm, invest, or simply preserve nature's beauty, buying land is a significant decision. Factors such as location, zoning, build restrictions, environmental hazards, and access to utilities must be considered. Most importantly, the cost needs to be factored in, as the price of land can vary substantially from one state to another. Understanding these costs, directly tied to the median price per acre, can offer prospective buyers substantial insight into their decision-making process.

  • The Southwest seems to be a significant hotspot for cheap land. Arizona tops the list with the lowest median price per acre, at $4,164, followed closely by New Mexico at $6,000. 
  • The Midwest also offers relatively affordable land, with states like Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma all falling within the 15 cheapest states.
  • Conversely, the Northeast has some of the most expensive land in the country. In fact, all of the top five most expensive states for per-acre land cost are located in this region, with Rhode Island demanding the highest median price at a staggering $350,374 per acre.
  • Interestingly, California, known for its expensive real estate, has a median price per acre sitting at $19,965, making it cheaper than 38 other states.
  • States with characteristics such as high population density, like New Jersey and Connecticut, or isolated location, like Hawaii, also command high land prices.

10 States with the Cheapest Land

Topping the list for the least expensive land is Arizona, where the median price per acre is a mere $4,164. With its sprawling desert landscapes and scenic mountains, Arizona offers plenty of affordable acreage for those looking to settle or invest in the Southwest.

A close second, the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, lists its median acre price at only $6,000. The state, known for its vibrant cultural scene and breathtaking landscapes, promises affordability alongside natural beauty.

Over in the Southeast, the Magnolia State, Mississippi, offers land at a median price of $10,835 per acre. Boasting gentle rolling hills and fertile soil, it presents an attractive prospect for farming or rural living.

Colorado, known for its diverse geography and outdoor recreational activities, offers a median price per acre of $11,561. This price combines affordability with the allure of stunning mountainous landscapes.

Not far behind is Arkansas, with a median price per acre of $11,596. Known as the Natural State, Arkansas provides land buyers ample affordability amidst beautiful scenery and countless waterways.

Another surprising entry in this list, given its urban reputation, is New York. With a median per acre price of $12,027, rural land in the Empire State can be quite affordable compared to its city real estate.

The Midwest shows up on the list with Missouri, where the median price per acre stands at $14,078. Missouri offers affordable land prices amidst landscapes ranging from the farmlands of the north to the Ozark Mountains in the south.

Oregon, with its mix of coastal beauty and interior farmlands, has a median land price of $16,162 per acre offering an excellent blend of affordability and diverse landscapes.

Southern charm meets affordable land prices in Alabama, with a median price per acre set at $18,103. The state offers a mix of gently rolling hills and flat coastal plains.

Rounding out the top 10 is the Great Lake State, Michigan. With a median price per acre of $18,333, prospective landowners can enjoy the state's rich diversity of landscapes and water bodies at a reasonably affordable cost.

These are the 10 states with the cheapest land:

  1. Arizona - $4,164
  2. New Mexico - $6,000
  3. Mississippi - $10,835
  4. Colorado - $11,561
  5. Arkansas - $11,596
  6. New York - $12,027
  7. Missouri - $14,078
  8. Oregon - $16,162
  9. Alabama - $18,103
  10. Michigan - $18,333

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