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Assisted Living Costs By State

Assisted Living Costs By State

Assisted Living across America

As the United States' population continues to age, the demand for effective, compassionate, assisted living communities is at an all-time high. With over half of Americans over the age of 65 likely to need some form of care during their lives, assisted living communities serve as a lifeline, providing essential care to those who cannot, or choose not to, live independently. 

As the demand for assisted living services increases, understanding the costs involved in assisted living becomes increasingly important. Throughout the United States, the costs can vary significantly depending on the state, the level of care, and the array of services provided.

Our data unveils some interesting insights:

  • The District of Columbia ranks as the most expensive state for assisted living, with an estimated annual cost of $83,730. Meanwhile, Missouri pitches in as the least expensive state, with around $36,000 annually.
  • It's interesting to note that the top five expensive states for assisted living (District of Columbia, Alaska, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey) are spread across the country's eastern, western and northern regions, suggesting there is not a simple geographical pattern with regard to high costs.
  • Southern states, including Oklahoma ($46,260), Arkansas ($45,120), Nevada ($45,000), Louisiana ($44,979), South Carolina ($43,338), Georgia ($42,420), Alabama ($42,030), and Mississippi ($42,000), tend to have comparably lower annual costs for assisted living.
  • Despite having a lower median cost for assisted living, notably, southern states have fluctuated healthcare systems, meaning that the cost doesn’t necessarily equate to a higher standard of care. Quality and cost of care vary widely amongst these states.
  • Midwestern states such as North Dakota ($40,695) and South Dakota ($40,200) have significantly lower costs than coastal states, making them an affordable choice for seniors who seek assisted care.

States with Most Expensive Cost of Assisted Living

Among the states and districts, the District of Columbia tops the list with the annual cost of assisted living being the highest at $83,730.

Not far behind, Alaska follows at the second spot with an average annual cost of $81,960. The high costs primarily reflect the state's higher cost of living, remoteness, and lower supply of such facilities.

Rhode Island isn’t far apart, with expenses reaching $81,915 annually. Despite being the smallest state in the U.S., it echoes the trend of expensive assisted living costs found predominantly in the northeastern region of the country.

The fourth most expensive state for assisted living is Massachusetts, with an average annual cost of $78,000. Completing the top five is New Jersey, further sustaining the northeastern presence in the upper bracket, with an average cost of $77,940.

The remaining five states among the top ten include New Hampshire, Washington, Delaware, Maine, and Hawaii, where the annual costs of assisted living range from $72,630 to $64,500. Despite being geographically diverse, from the far-stretching coasts of the northeastern states to the Pacific Northwest and scenic Hawaii, these states all share a higher cost of living, which directly influences the cost of assisted living services.

10 States with Most Expensive Cost of Assisted Living:

  1. District of Columbia - $83,730
  2. Alaska - $81,960
  3. Rhode Island - $81,915
  4. Massachusetts - $78,000
  5. New Jersey - $77,940
  6. New Hampshire - $72,630
  7. Washington - $72,000
  8. Delaware - $71,940
  9. Maine - $70,380
  10. Hawaii - $64,500

States with Cheapest Cost of Assisted Living

Focusing on the states that offer the most affordable assisted living options, Missouri leads the pack with the lowest annual cost for assisted living at approximately $36,000.

Next in line is South Dakota, presenting a fair annual cost for assisted living that approximates to $40,200. With a slightly increased rate, North Dakota follows closely, offering assisted living services at approximately $40,695 annually.

Further, Kentucky comes in with the fourth lowest cost for assisted living, showing a trend towards affordability within the Midwestern and Southern states. Their annual cost estimates around $41,370, making it another feasible option for older adults on a budget.

Utah and Mississippi are tied at a cost of approximately $42,000 per year for assisted living. Despite their geographical distance, these states offer relatively comparable prices.

With a slight increase, Alabama places seventh in the list of states with the most affordable assisted living services, with an annual cost of $42,030. Georgia follows, presenting an annual cost of approximately $42,420.

South Carolina presents a slightly higher annual rate of $43,338, yet still maintains a competitive affordability among its counterparts. Lastly, Louisiana wraps up the top ten list with an annual expense of around $44,979.

Cheapest States for Assisted Living:

  1. Missouri - $36,000
  2. South Dakota - $40,200
  3. North Dakota - $40,695
  4. Kentucky - $41,370
  5. Utah - $42,000
  6. Mississippi - $42,000
  7. Alabama - $42,030
  8. Georgia - $42,420
  9. South Carolina - $43,338
  10. Louisiana - $44,979

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