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Average Family Income

Average Family Income

The American Family Income Landscape

The financial health of families in America is a complex interplay of socioeconomic variables, such as location of residency, workplace demographics, and household composition. This often results in pronounced regional and economic discrepancies.

Examining the "Mean Family Income" dataset reveals valuable insights into the state-specific distribution of average family incomes in the United States. The dataset, which ranks states based on the average family income, helps provide a comprehensive illustration of the vast financial disparities observed nationwide.

Notable findings from the dataset include:

  • Regionally, states found in the Northeast and on the West Coast, such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and California, report the highest mean family incomes, all above $130,000.
  • Conversely, states primarily located in the South, like West Virginia and Mississippi, exhibit the lowest mean family incomes, with both averaging below $90,000.
  • A potential pattern emerges when taking into account the regional affluence of certain areas. Economically flourishing states typically coincide with higher levels of education, more job opportunities, and the presence of booming industries.
  • Despite the presence of some of the wealthiest individuals in the country, New York ranks only 6th in the list, with a mean family income of $131,094. This phenomenon could potentially be attributed to the state's large income disparity.
  • Interestingly, despite the glamorous portrayal of Florida, its mean family income is relatively moderate, ranking 32nd on the list with a mean family income of $102,392.

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