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Age A Child Can Be Left Home Alone By State

Age A Child Can Be Left Home Alone By State
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Every parent reaches that uncertain stage where they have to determine when it's appropriate to leave their child home alone. While maturity and readiness can vary greatly from child to child, states attempt to set legal boundaries to aid decision-making and ensure the child’s safety. Such guidelines range widely, with many states having no specific age established in their law for when a child can be left home alone. This lack of standardization across the U.S can lead to bewilderment and concern, especially for parents who may be relocating or pondering about the "right" age to start from. 

  • Most states, including populous ones like California, Texas, and Florida, have not stipulated a minimum age for a child to be left home alone.
  • North Carolina and Maryland have the lowest stipulated age of eight.
  • The state of Illinois stands unique with the highest prescribed age limitation at 14.

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