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States By Area

States By Area

A Look at States by Area

The United States of America is a melting pot of cultures, landscapes, and sizes. Spanning different time zones and climates, the 50 states in this expansive nation vary dramatically in their geographies, offering immense, undisturbed wildernesses in some regions and densely populated urban landscapes in others. The area each state occupies plays a major role in its economy, lifestyle, and even its identity.

Key Findings:

  • Size Knows No Boundaries: Alaska, geographically, stands unparalleled. Its total area of 665,384 square miles makes it the behemoth of the states, dwarfing all others. It is over twice the size of Texas, the second-largest state, which itself is a considerable size of 268,596 square miles. 
  • All Sizes Matter: While states like Alaska, Texas, and California dominate the list with their massive land areas, the United States is also home to states at the other end of the spectrum. States like Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut, with areas of 1,545, 2,489, and 5,543 square miles respectively, may be small in size, but they are nevertheless rich in cultural significance and historical value. 
  • Geographical Clustering: Interestingly, the western part of the United States boasts a larger proportion of the most sizeable states. Seven of the top 10 largest states, including Alaska, California, Montana, and Nevada, are located in the West. This pattern suggests a vast expanse of relatively undisturbed land in this part of the country, highlighting the geographical diversity across the United States.
  • Profile of the Medium: The middle of the list presents a fascinating mix - states like Minnesota, Michigan, Utah, and Kansas have areas ranging from 82,278 to 96,714 square miles and offer a mix of landscapes, from the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains, showcasing the country's geographical variety.

Largest States by Area

The title of the largest state in the United States goes to Alaska. Covering 665,384 square miles, Alaska isn't only the biggest state; it is also one of the last great frontiers of wilderness. Its geographical features include towering mountains, scenic coastlines, and vast forests. It is truly an outdoorsman's paradise.

Next in rank is Texas. Known for its cowboy culture, Texas spans 268,596 square miles. Its varied landscape ranges from arid deserts and prairies to both forests and coastline along the Gulf of Mexico.

Third-largest is California with 163,696 square miles in area. Beyond its bustling cities, California is home to varied landscapes including the famed beaches of Southern California, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and expansive farmlands in the Central Valley.

Following the top three are Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Wyoming. These states, with their drastic natural beauties, span areas from 98,379 square miles to 147,040 square miles and cradle everything from mountains, deserts and rivers to huge expanses of open land.

Largest States by Area (Square Miles):

  1. Alaska - 665,384
  2. Texas - 268,596
  3. California - 163,696
  4. Montana - 147,040
  5. New Mexico - 121,590
  6. Arizona - 113,990
  7. Nevada - 110,572
  8. Colorado - 104,094
  9. Oregon - 98,379
  10. Wyoming - 97,813

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