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Richest Cities in the U.S.

Richest Cities in the U.S.
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Wealth in America's Richest Cities

In the United States, wealth distribution varies significantly between states and their cities. One key indicator of a city's prosperity is its average household income. As of 2018, the national average stood at $61,937, though the figures drastically diverged between different cities, revealing local economies' disparities. Today, we will delve into the ten richest cities in the United States, utilizing data from the US Census, analyzed and inflation-adjusted.

  • California is the state housing the most affluent cities, with Atherton (average income of $450.7K), Los Altos Hills (average income of $386.2K), and Hillsborough (average income of $373.1K) making it to the top five.
  • The East Coast is also well represented in the "richest cities" list, with locales like Scarsdale, NY (average income of $417.3K), Short Hills, NJ (average income of $367.5K), Darien, CT (average income of $341.1K), and Bronxville, NY (average income of $340.4K) indicating the region's substantial wealth concentration.
  • Atherton, CA, tops the list with an average household income of $450.7K, nearly seven times the national average, signifying a considerable gap between the country's richest and more average income locales.
  • Every city in the top ten surpasses the national average household income by nearly five times or more, reflecting the immense wealth these pockets of the country are accruing.
  • Interestingly, Colorado's representation, Cherry Hills Village, with an average income of $394.3K, and Texas's Highland Park, with an average income of $359.0K, underscore the increasing accumulation of wealth in non-traditional coastal/geographic areas of prosperity.



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