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Powerball Winners By State

Powerball Winners By State
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The Great American Powerball Dream

The allure of the Powerball, one of America's largest lottery games, has gripped the nation since its inception in 1992. This captivating, multi-state lottery has offered participants across 44 states, Washington, D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, a shot at instantly transforming their lives through a single winning ticket. With jackpots that start at an impressive $40 million, and can even scale up to record-breaking highs such as the $1.58 billion jackpot, it's no surprise that countless Americans try their luck with the Powerball biweekly draws every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Indiana emerges as the luckiest state with 39 Powerball winners, securing its spot as the state with the highest number of grand prize winners.
  • The Midwest region seems to be a hotspot for Powerball victories, with states including Indiana, Missouri (31 winners), and Minnesota (22 winners) taking up the top three spots.
  • High populous states such as California (13 winners), Florida (16 winners), and New York (12 winners) did not outpace less populated areas in terms of Powerball victories. This suggests the game holds equal appeal across the country, regardless of population size.
  • Most states have had at least one Powerball grand prize winner with the exceptions being North Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska, among other states which do not participate in Powerball.
  • States on the east coast such as New Hampshire (11 winners) and Delaware (10 winners) also seem to have a higher number of winners considering their smaller population sizes.

States with the Most Powerball Winners

When it comes to Powerball prosperity, certain states appear to be more fortunate than others. The highest number of Powerball winners can be found in Indiana. With a total of 39 winners, the Hoosier state takes first place in the number of Powerball victories. Following closely behind, Missouri holds the second rank with 31 victorious participants claiming the grand prize. 

The third place goes to Minnesota, where 22 lucky individuals have won the top prize. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin tie for the fourth spot, each boasting 19 Powerball jackpot winners. In the beautiful Bluegrass State of Kentucky, 18 fortunate participants have won the grand prize, securing for their state the sixth position in the ranking.

Louisiana holds the seventh place in this lottery lineup, with 17 winners. Florida, known for its sunny skies and sandy beaches, also seems to be lucky for some, having a total of 16 Powerball jackpot winners. 

Coming in at ninth place is Arizona with 14 winners. The often envied state of California completes the top ten, counting a total of 13 lucky Powerball jackpot winners.

Top Ten States With the Most Powerball Winners:

  1. Indiana - 39 winners
  2. Missouri - 31 winners
  3. Minnesota - 22 winners
  4. Pennsylvania - 19 winners
  5. Wisconsin - 19 winners
  6. Kentucky - 18 winners
  7. Louisiana - 17 winners
  8. Florida - 16 winners
  9. Arizona - 14 winners
  10. California - 13 winners

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