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Nursing Home Cost By State

Nursing Home Cost By State
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Understanding the Cost of Nursing Home Care

As the American population rapidly ages, the demand for long-term care facilities such as nursing homes is on the rise. Simultaneously, the costs associated with such care are skyrocketing, placing an increased financial burden on the elderly and their families.

  • There is a significant discrepancy in nursing home costs across the United States. The most expensive state for nursing home care is Alaska, costing over six times more than the least expensive state, Texas.
  • There are regional patterns visible in the data. For instance, states in the Northeast such as Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire dominate the top ten for the highest nursing home costs.
  • Midwestern states like South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska, and Southern states such as North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama fall into the median range, suggesting costs in this regions may be more moderate.
  • Surprisingly, some of the most populous states, including California and Florida, have nursing home costs that fall below the national median.
  • The most affordable care, under $8,000 per month, tends to be concentrated in the Southeast and Southwest areas, particularly in states like Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and finally, Texas being the least expensive.

States with the Highest Nursing Home Costs

Alaska, cutting a solitary figure on the graph, leads the list with the highest nursing home cost. With an overwhelming average cost of $37,814 per month, it is over twice as high as the next in line. The unique geographical characteristics and relatively lower population density of Alaska contribute to these higher costs, as logistics and supply chain challenges arise in this region.

Next up is Connecticut, with a significant cost drop from Alaska, but still commanding a hefty sum of $16,516 per month. The costs in New York are slightly lower, averaging $15,330, whereas Massachusetts is close behind with $15,148.

Akin to Alaska, Hawaii's high cost at $15,002 per month could be attributed to logistics and cost of living factors typical to island states. Following Hawaii, Delaware's costs average at $14,728 per month while North Dakota witnesses an average monthly cost of $14,374.

Lastly, residents looking for nursing home services in West Virginia, Minnesota, and New Jersey must also brace for higher costs, with monthly nursing home bills averaging at $13,943, $13,921, and $13,504 respectively.

States with the Highest Nursing Home Costs:

  1. Alaska - $37,814
  2. Connecticut - $16,516
  3. New York - $15,330
  4. Massachusetts - $15,148
  5. Hawaii - $15,002
  6. Delaware - $14,728
  7. North Dakota - $14,374
  8. West Virginia - $13,943
  9. Minnesota - $13,921
  10. New Jersey - $13,504

States with the Lowest Nursing Home Costs

Leading the pack of states with the lowest nursing home costs is Texas, with a monthly cost of just $6,150. Following in close second is Missouri, with an average monthly cost of $6,315. Oklahoma ranks third lowest state in Nursing Home Costs with an average monthly cost of $6,570.

Louisiana ranked fourth lowest, has an average monthly nursing home cost of $6,911. Not far behind is Arkansas with an average monthly cost of $7,300. States such as Illinois, Kansas, and Arizona also manage to keep their average monthly nursing home costs below $8,000 - their average costs being $7,519, $7,556, and $7,848 respectively. Alabama rounds up the top ten with an average monthly cost of $8,012, with Iowa closely trailing at $8,249 a month.

States with the Lowest Nursing Home Costs:

  1. Texas - $6,150
  2. Missouri - $6,315
  3. Oklahoma - $6,570
  4. Louisiana - $6,911
  5. Arkansas - $7,300
  6. Illinois - $7,519
  7. Kansas - $7,556
  8. Arizona - $7,848
  9. Alabama - $8,012
  10. Iowa - $8,249

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