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List of Army Reserve Units By State

List of Army Reserve Units By State
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Assembly of the Army Reserves

The United States Army Reserve (USAR), a key component of our nation's defense system, exemplifies the perseverance and dedication of citizen-soldiers ready to answer the call of duty while managing civilian careers. Established over a century ago, the USAR has grown into a prodigious network with an impressive reach across all 50 states, five U.S. territories, and extending to 30 countries. Every unit manifests the collective effort to maintain national security and peace, while simultaneously aiming to reduce peacetime military expenditures.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Texas, with a total of 290 units, holds the highest number of Army Reserve Units in the country, followed by California with 273 units, depicting a strong military presence in these two states.
  • While most populous states host considerable numbers of reserve units reflecting their size and population, states with smaller populations such as Delaware, Wyoming or North Dakota have correspondingly fewer units. 
  • The presence of Army Reserve Units is well-distributed across the nation. Every state, from thriving urban hubs to rural landscapes, has at least one Army Reserve Unit. Vermont, despite being the second-least populous state, still hosts five reserve units.
  • The southern region of the U.S., encompassing states such as Texas, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina, collectively hosts more Army Reserve Units than any other region, underpinning the significant role these states play in national defense. 
  • Interestingly, Pennsylvania, not typically highlighted for its military presence, ranks third nationwide, housing 180 Army Reserve Units, indicating perhaps a strategic placement given its proximity to major East Coast cities.

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