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Countries with Royal Families

Countries with Royal Families
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Monarchies Across the Globe

Despite the rapid progress and egalitarian values of the 21st century, the timeless allure of monarchy endures. From the intricate history contained in ancient relics to the riveting stories behind royal bloodlines, the intrigue surrounding royal families continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Today, there are 43 countries that have monarchies, each with a unique royal lineage and a distinct interpretation of royal duties and privileges.

  • The House of Windsor, the British Royal Family, displays an outsized influence, with 15 Commonwealth nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and several Caribbean countries, recognizing the King as their monarch.
  • The variety and diversity of royal families are striking, especially in the Middle East and Asia. Reigning families range from the Al Saud of Saudi Arabia and Al Thani of Qatar to the Yamato of Japan and Chakri of Thailand.
  • A handful of European nations home to royal families are highlighted, with dynasties as varied as Glücksburg in Norway and Denmark, Luxembourg-Nassau in Luxembourg, Borbón-Anjou in Spain, and the renowned Windsor in the United Kingdom.
  • While Europe has a notable predominance of royal families, Africa and Asia are not far behind. Eswatini with the Dlamini family, Morocco with the Alaouite dynasty, and Bhutan with the much-adored Wangchuck family, to name a few.
  • There are a select few families, such as the Grimaldi in Monaco and the Windsor in the United Kingdom, that despite the democratic advances around the globe, still play an active role in the affairs of their respective states, underscoring the lingering influence and importance of royal diplomacy and symbolism.

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