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Countries That Start with I

Countries That Start with I
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A Look at Countries Beginning with I

In this article, we focus our lens on the countries whose names start with the letter 'I'. This broad-ranging group spans continents and includes nations that play pivotal roles on the global stage.

  • With traditional powerhouse nations like India, Italy, and Indonesia and less-populated, albeit influential nations like Ireland and Iceland, countries starting with 'I' showcase considerable diversity in demographic scales.
  • All these countries, despite their varying geographical sizes, have had impactful influences on international affairs. Countries like India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, and Israel, are known for their significant historical and current geopolitical roles.
  • From a continental perspective, these 'I' countries are found in Europe (Iceland, Italy, Ireland, and Isle Of Man), Asia (India, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, and Iraq), and Africa (Ivory Coast).

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