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Coldest Cities in the U.S.

Coldest Cities in the U.S.

Arctic Chill across U.S. Cities

Contending with chilly winters is a fact of life in many areas across the United States. Some cities, dubbed the 'freezer' of America, consistently see temperatures that plunge below the freezing point, challenging inhabitants with arctic conditions and a winter experience that can be harsh and unforgiving. The average winter temperatures, interestingly, reveal patterns and regional differences that help us understand the city's climatic character.

Residing in the northern regions, many of these frost-ridden cities are equipped with the infrastructure and resources to combat the winter fury. They are used to regularly seeing their streets blanketed with ice and snow. 

  • Fairbanks, Alaska, leads as the coldest city in the U.S with a staggering average temperature of -16.9°F. This is 13.8°F colder than the second coldest city, indicating a significant temperature difference.
  • Of the thirteen mentioned cities, seven are in the Midwest and Great Plains regions (including North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota), demonstrating that this region is a hotspot for cold temperatures.
  • Besides Fairbanks, Anchorage is the only other Alaskan city on the list, holding the twelfth position with an average temperature of 13.0°F. This clearly shows the stark contrast between different Alaskan cities.
  • The data indicates that North Dakota has three cities listed in the top eight coldest cities, suggesting that it contends with extensive low temperatures.
  • Concord, in New Hampshire, is the only city on our list from the Northeast, which is known for its snowy winters.



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