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Anonymous Lottery States

Anonymous Lottery States

The Lottery Anonymity Landscape

Winning a lottery, an exciting event filled with joy and anticipation of wealth, often spirals into an intimidating ordeal due to the fanfare and unwanted attention that follows. This visibility is a double-edged sword - providing excitement for lottery enthusiasts but leaving lottery winners vulnerable to relentless phone calls, requests for loans, attempted robbery or worse. Recognizing this predicament, several US states offer winners the right to remain anonymous to safeguard their safety and privacy.

  • Of the 50 states, only 6 states lack the lottery system entirely - Alabama, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, and Utah.
  • Only 16 states offer full anonymity to lottery winners.
  • A few states, including Colorado and Florida, choose to adopt a partial approach to lottery winner anonymity. How these states define 'partial anonymity' varies per state.
  • The remaining states mandate lottery winners to publicly disclose their identity, leaving these winners potentially exposed to unwanted attention and security concerns. 

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