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Most Charitable States

Most Charitable States


The United States, a global leader in charitable giving, demonstrates a diverse generosity landscape from coast to coast. As per the latest World Giving Index, the United States ascended to third place globally in 2022, marking a remarkable recovery from being ranked 19th in 2021. Donors across the nation magnanimously contributed nearly $500 billion to various charities, 64% of which was donated directly by individuals, according to National Philanthropic Trust.

In addition to financial support, Americans have a robust tradition of volunteering their time. A staggering 61 million volunteers racked up a total of 4.1 billion hours annually, valued at $122.9 billion in service. As we delve deeper into the most charitable of the 50 states, we'll be examining 19 key indicators of charitable behavior, encompassing metrics like volunteer rate, the proportion of income donated, and the percentage of the sheltered homeless population.

  • Utah emerged as the most charitable state, a commendable first amongst fifty, affirming a culture rich in philanthropy and community service.
  • Maryland and Minnesota closely trailed Utah, bagging the second and third spots respectively, contributing significantly to the national charity fund.
  • Interestingly, the top five states represent a wide geographical distribution, implying that the spirit of charity permeates through diverse regions unaffected by geographical nuances.

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