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Countries That Drive On The Right

Countries That Drive On The Right
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Understanding the rules of the road is crucial for any traveler, especially knowing whether to drive on the right-hand side or the left-hand side of the road - a guideline that varies surprisingly from country to country. It is a basic tenet of road safety and a reflection of a nation's historical and cultural evolution. As we steer across the global traffic system, we find that right-hand traffic (RHT) - driving on the right side of the road - is the preferred choice in many nations. In fact, approximately 75% of the world's roadways and 65% of its population abide by the RHT rule.

  • Our dataset includes 117 regions or countries, and each one of them follows the right-hand traffic rule. This statistic supports the notion that driving on the right is the global standard, adopted by a plethora of cultures and economies, from Honduras in Central America to South Korea in East Asia.
  • While the majority of the world follows RHT rules, approximately only 30% of countries and territories, which cover about 35% of the global population, remain left-hand traffic adherents, predominantly the United Kingdom and its former colonies.

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